How to make a deposit


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Steps to make a deposit

Depositing funds into your account to trade with is quick and easy. Simply follow
the steps below to fund your account:


Step 1:

Log in to the Client Zone


Step 2:

Click "Wallet" in the navigation and select


Step 3:

Select the trading account and payment


There are several ways to deposit funds into your trading account. Some of these methods may incur additional charges. Please note that NFW will not cover any exchange rates charged if you are depositing in a currency that is different to that of your bank funds. Please also note that payment method may differentiate depending of the country, which you are from.

Bank Transfer

We accept the following currencies: USD

Fees: Free

Please note however that your bank may charge you a transfer fee.

Any bank transfers made to NFW must be made from a bank account registered in the client's full name, otherwise your funds may be returned to source. Bank account details you can find in your Client Office

Credit Cards

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We accept the following currencies: USD Fees: Please note that we no longer charge fees for using a credit card to make a deposit:

USD ($) – free of charge


We accept the following currencies: USD

Fees: Please note that using an e-wallet to make a deposit is subject to the following fees:

Paysafe (formerly known as Skrill) – 2% of your deposited amount

SafetyPay – 1.5%

Please also note that availability of the payment method may differentiate depending on the country, which you are from

How to make a withdrawl



To withdraw funds from your account, simply select the trading account you wish to withdraw from in your Client Office, and enter your desired amount. If your nominated bank is in a different currency to your trading account, Pekao convert the amount at source at their rate or when the payment is received by your bank.

Please note that we cover all cost of the transfer at the side of our bank. Despite this your bank may additionally charge you for the transfer

Processing times

NFW process payments in SHA model and it covers full cost charged by Sending Bank. All other potential costs (Beneficiary and Intermediary bank are paid by client according to the commission tables of those banks.

Withdrawals of less than $100 will be charged an additional commission of $30.