Account - Deposit

How do I deposit via Neteller?

Neteller is a global e-wallet provider delivering a fast and secure alternative to traditional wire transfers or credit card deposits. Easily accessible online, Neteller offers a quick and easy process to fund your trading account with the click of a button. To fund your account, login to client portal and go to Deposit Funds. From the list of deposit options please select Neteller and follow the prompts.

The estimated transaction time for the funds to appear in your trading account is 15 minutes.

NFW will cover the transfer charges. However, please note that any funds deposited will be converted to the base currency of your account. *Currency conversion fees may apply.

How do I deposit with Skrill (Moneybookers)?

Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) allows NFW clients to easily fund their trading account using a debit / credit card or a direct Skrill e-Wallet transaction. To fund your account, login to client portal and go to Deposit Funds. From the list of deposit options please select skrill and follow the prompts.

The estimated transaction time for the funds to appear in your trading account is 15 minutes.

NFW will cover the transfer charges. However, please note that any funds deposited will be converted to the base currency of your account. *Currency conversion fees may apply.

How do I deposit with a credit card?

To fund your account, login to client portal and go to Deposit Funds. From the list of deposit options please select Direct Debit/Credit Card and follow the prompts.

Before depositing funds directly into your trading account, you must first provide NFW with a scanned colour copy of your credit/debit card. The following items must be clearly visible on your scanned colour copy:

The name on your card
The last four digits of the card
The expiration date
Bank Name

Estimated transaction time is 15 minutes as long as your card has been already checked and approved. NFW will cover the transfer charges. However, please note that any funds deposited will be converted to the base currency of your account. *Currency conversion fees may apply.

What are NFW’s banking details?

In case of bank transfers please choose from one of our bank accounts in the following list.

How do I deposit through a bank wire?

You can deposit funds via a bank wire transfer in a number of different currencies. Bank wire transfers are initiated by your bank and received by our client segregated accounts and conversion of the amount, if necessary, will be according to your account base currency.

The estimated time for deposits via bank wire to clear and appear in the client accounts is 1-5 business days. Intermediary bank fees may apply.

How can I deposit funds to my trading account?

You can deposit funds using a variety of funding methods including Bank transfer, credit/debit card, Skrill/Moneybookers and Neteller. For full information on our funding methods, please visit our Deposit Funds Page or login to client portal

Do you charge any fees for Depositing funds to my account?

NFW will pay all the electronic payment charges. However, please note that you will be liable for any fees charges by the banks involved in the transaction, including intermediaries. For full information, please visit our Deposit Funds Page

Account - Withdrawal

What is the Withdrawal Policy at NFW?

Withdrawing funds from your NFW account is simple and quick. Withdrawal requests are processed within 15 minutes by deducting the amount from your account.

Withdrawal amounts should be transfer back to the same sources of deposit until the original amounts have been covered. Direct Debit/Credit Card, has higher priority over other deposit methods to withdraw through and cover the deposited amounts by which.

Profit withdrawals or any amount over the initial deposits can only be sent by bank transfer or exceptionally via Skrill depending on the amount and upon finance department approval.

Minimum amount to withdraw via Bank Wire Transfer is 200 while it’s 50 via Electronic Methods (which also includes credit card payments).

How do you withdraw funds?

To submit a withdrawal from your NFW trading account simply login to client portal. From withdraw funds tab you can complete the secure online form by choosing ‘Bank Wire Transfer’ or ‘Online Payment Gateway’ then follow the prompts.

For‘Online Payment Gateway’ methods, please make sure to complete the “Gateway Account” field correctly:

If you are to choose JCC, please enter the number of the card there
If you are to choose other online methods, such as Skrill or Neteller, please enter the Skrill or Neteller IDs (can either be a number or email that you use with that merchant).

For ‘Bank Wire Transfer’ you will first need to create a bank profile in order to be able to choose this bank for your withdrawal. In order to do so, please go to ‘profile options’ and choose ‘add/edit bank information’.

Are there any fees for withdrawing funds?

NFW will pay all the electronic payment charges. As for Bank Wire Transfer, please note that you will be liable to intermediary bank fees. For full information, please visit our Deposit Funds Page.

Can I cancel my withdrawal request?

In case you wish to cancel a withdrawal, it is possible, as long as the payment has not been processed. You need to email us to: and if possible then we will cancel the withdrawal and refund your trading account.

Can I withdraw Profits to Neteller/Credit Card/ or any other Online Methods?

You are allowed to withdraw funds up to the deposited amount via the same method as the deposited amount. However, any profit after covering the deposited amount (via the source of deposit) have to be sent via bank wire transfer or exceptionally via Skrill.

Platform and Trading

Is it possible to be logged into several accounts at once?

Yes. Although you cannot be logged into multiple accounts from one instance of NFW Trader, you can open several instances (separate NFW Trader instances running at the same time on your computer) and log into different accounts accordingly.

Is it possible to access the same account from different computers?

Yes. As long as you have the correct login details, you can login to the platform from any computer, provided your connection settings are correct, and the connection is not being blocked by a firewall or your Internet Service Provider.

Can I change the time zone on my platform?

No, you cannot change the time offset on the platform. The platform time is GMT +2, although during US Daylight Savings Time the platform changes to GMT +3 to stay in line with the 5pm New York market close.

Where can I view my trading history?

The trading history can be seen by clicking on the “Account History” tab in the ‘Terminal,' at the lower part of your platform. The history tab shows you a list of all your closed positions. At the bottom you can select and modify the time interval of your chosen period. You can also modify your view timeframes and access reporting features by right clicking on any row in your account history view.

You can also export your trading history to an Excel file.

What happens to my open positions when I log out of NFW Trader?

Open positions will not be closed until an existing stop loss, take profit or stop out level is reached. Existing limit orders will still be filled if the entry rate is met.

Please note for Trailing Stop orders your NFW Trader platform must be open and logged in.

Can I use robots in NFW Trader?

Yes. You can use any and all EAs (Expert Advisors) available by third party providers. NFW does not restrict the use of any strategy or EA on variable spread accounts.

Can custom indicators be used in NFW Trader?

Yes, you can use any custom indicators that are C# and Visual Studio to create wonderful financial applications.

How can I change my NFWTrader password?

You can change your trading account password by following the below steps:
1. Click Account on the top navigation bar;
2. Click on Change Password... A new window will open;
3. Enter your new password;
4. Confirm new password;
5. Click OK.

Alternatively, right click on your account that is displayed in the Navigator Window, select Change Password and follow the prompts.

What markets does NFW offer?

To view the markets we offer, please visit the Markets page.

What are NFW’s Trading Conditions?

In order to be in line with NFW trading conditions, we encourage you to visit and read carefully our trading conditions page.

Here you will find important information concerning news trading, hedging, scalping, storage fees, leverage, margin requirements and more.

What is a pip?

A "pip" is the smallest whole increment in any Forex pair. For pairs quoted in 5 decimal points, a pip increment is based on the fourth decimal. For pairs quoted in 3 decimal points, a pip increment is based on the second decimal. The value of a pip is determined by the currency of your account and the pair you are trading. If the quote currency is the same as your account currency, then a 1 pip move equals 10 account currency units per 100,000 traded.

What is spread?

The spread is the difference between the bid price (selling price) and the ask price (buying price).

What are the spreads that NFW’s offers?

To view the different spreads, we offer for each account type and instrument; please visit the NFW Spreads page.

What is leverage?

The leverage of your account is the multiplier of your purchasing power that determines the amount of margin required for every trade. The higher the leverage, the more purchasing power you have.

What are the margin and leverage requirements?

The Client shall provide and maintain the Initial Margin within such limits as the Company, at its sole discretion, may determine, set, or update. The Company has no obligation to make Margin Calls for the Client. For more information on Margin Requirements, please visit our Trading Conditions page (under heading Margin Requirements).

The possible choice of a leverage rate ranges from 1:1 up to 1:500. Upon opening an account, a client is provided with a default leverage corresponding with his account type and total volume. The Client may change the leverage of his account, if applicable, by sending a request to

The leverage may change automatically if the equity goes above a certain threshold. For more information on Leverage, please visit our Trading Conditions page (under heading Leverage).

What does lot size mean? What are forex Micro, Mini, and Standard Lots?

Forex Lot is basically a representation of Trade Size.

Standard: 1.0 lot is 100,000 units of the base currency

Mini: 0.1 lot is 10,000 units of the base currency

Micro: 0.01 lot is 1,000 units of the base currency (this is the minimum lot size)

The Base currency is the first currency in the currency pair. So essentially:

10 Mini Lots make 1 Standard Lot

10 Micro Lots make 1 Mini Lot

100 Micro Lot = 10 Mini Lot = 1 Standard Lot

What is the difference between spot trading and CFD (contract for differences)?

CFD 'Contract for Differences' is an arrangement made in a futures contract whereby differences in the settlement are made through cash payments, rather than the delivery of physical goods or securities. While Spot Trading is the purchase or sale of a foreign currency or commodity for immediate delivery.

What are futures?

NFW provides the possibility to trade in future contracts in metals (gold and silver), energies (crude oil and natural gas), soft commodities (coffee and sugar). For the full list of futures and their specifications, please click here.

There is no commission on futures, and the margin requirement is 1,000 USD/EUR regardless of the leverage, except for future gold where the margin requirement is 2,000 USD. Futures contracts have variable spreads. For a full list of spreads please click here.

Please note that the trades should be closed before the contract ends (before expiry date). Either they will be done automatically if you did not close them or you should close them manually before the expiry date and time. We will notify you before the expiration time is up.

Research and Analysis

What is NFW Web TV?

NFW always aims to bring you the best in market research and information that will aid you in your trading and keep you up to date with the latest market news.

Tune into NFW Web TV, for all market news, analyses and fundamental and technical reports, and updates. Watch our broadcasts hosted by NFW experts covering forex, commodities, and indices in addition to exclusive CFD and forex trading opportunities identified by the NFW research team.

You can access NFW Web TV by visiting NFW Blog, or NFW Web TV page.

What is NFW Blog?

NFW Blog is a trader library that is compiling number of eBooks, tutorials, video courses and technical and fundamental analysis, for a complete, educational hub. Best of all, NFW has made all the resources, updates, analyses, trading tips and news free of charge for anyone.

The blog contains eBooks, Tutorials, Webinars, Video Courses, Daily Technical Analysis, Daily Fundamental Analysis, Daily Articles, Infographics and more.

In addition, we hope that the blog will be an interactive experience and encourages traders to share their experiences, analyses or news evaluation and discussion. Readers can also send any feedback or suggestions on how the NFW Blog and Trading Library can be improved.

In order to have full access to the NFW Blog material you will need to register with NFW, by either opening a demo account or a live account.

For further information regarding, please visit NFW Blog page.

How can I attend to NFW’s webinars?

Webinars are short clips hosted by various instructors that cover many aspects of Forex trading that includes trading patterns, indicators, strategies and more.

To attend a live webinar, simply register to the webinar session before it is broadcasted. Registration can be done directly through our blog or through an invitation email you will receive (if you are registered with NFW) prior to the broadcast. After a webinar has been broadcasted it will be available as a recording within 24-48 hours on our blog or in our YouTube channel.

Regulations and Safety of Funds

Is Noahs Fx Waves (Pty) Ltd regulated?

Noahs Fx Waves (Pty) Ltd (NFW) is a fully licensed and regulated as financial service providers (FSPs) with the Financial Services Board (FSB) – now the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) – under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act. NFW is authorized to trade internationally, specializing in CFD online trading on currencies, commodities, futures and indices.

The Financial Services Board (FSB) is the government of South Africa's financial regulatory agency responsible for the non-banking financial services industry in South Africa. It is an independent body that supervises and regulates the financial services industry in the public interest. This includes the regulation of the biggest stock exchange in Africa the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The FSB was established in 1991 based on recommendations by the Van der Horst Committee to create an independent body to supervise and regulate the non-banking financial services industry. A number of additional acts have expanded and increased the role of the FSB. These include;

In September 2004, the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) expanded the mandate of the FSB to include aspects of market conduct in the banking industry.
Financial Intelligence Centre Act (2001) and subsequent amendments have added responsibilities to the FSB to combat money laundering.
On April 1st, 2018, The FSB changed name and mandate to become the FSCA or Financial Services Conduct Authority to become the market conduct regulator of financial institutions, that provide financial products and financial services, financial institutions that are licensed in terms of a financial sector law, including banks, insurers, retirement funds and administrators, and market infrastructures.

NFW is a reliable and authentic provider of online trading markets. The company applies all FSCA regulations and governing laws in an officially regulated environment. For further information regarding, please visit our License and Regulation Page

How does NFW safeguard client funds?

Clients Funds Deposited with NFW are held in segregated bank accounts and separated from the company's funds. NFW, upon receiving any Clients’ funds, promptly places those funds into one or more accounts, denoted as “Clients”, opened with any of the following:

Central Bank
Credit Institution
Bank authorized in a third country
Qualifying money market fund

Separated from company’s funds. For further information regarding, please visit our Safety of Funds Page

How do I find the legal documents at NFW?

Before you open an account with NFW, you have to read over and agree to Terms and Conditions. To find copies of these legal documents, please go to Traders tab on our website and select Downloads.

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